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Steamboat Creates NozCaboose Residency

May - July 2022

During this residency, I had use of the studio space in a renovated train caboose, parked right outside the Steamboat Creates Art Depot. I also contributed work to several Steamboat Creates galleries and led a community art and hiking event.

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NozCaboose Residency Photoshoot

Photos by Justin Reiter

Getaway House — Blake Brook art fellowship

September 2020


"Artist Fellows use nature as the ultimate canvas to explore their creative sides. From painters to chefs, to sculptors, and musicians, our Artist Fellowship program provides a free overnight Getaway to artists looking to harness their talents in a focused environment."


Friends of the Yampa fundraiser drawing

Fall 2022

The Big Snow Bash is Friends of the Yampa’s largest annual fundraiser with live music, a stellar online auction, and commentary from our river-loving community and special guests. Donations supported youth river camps, long-term health monitoring of the Yampa River (Yampa River Scorecard Project), advocacy for the environmental health of the Yampa and its tributaries, advocacy for recreational access, safety and stakeholder relationship-building, river planning engagement, educational outreach, river clean-ups, and more. This ink on wood panel tryptic of the Grand Canyon plus several stickers ultimately sold for $400. More information at